Charge anytime – anywhere.

As we transition from gas to renewables we will need innovative solutions to solve the consumption and transport of electricity. Introducing Smooth Grid, a revolutionary new plug-n-go system that allows you to take your energy everywhere. With the Smooth Grid App and Smooth Grid Plug you can find the best rates and locations to power-up.

SmoothGrid enables communities to prolong the life of national grids by keeping energy demand local. With this smart adaptor, customers can find the best rates and locations to power-up. The fees are billed directly to your personal utility account.

Keep It Local

The surplus energy produce from solar panels cause wear on ageing system lines. Smooth Grid matches these panels to consumers to prolong the life of the local grid.

Trade Energy

Customer behaviour is becoming less predictable harming the delicate calibrations of the grid. Trading Energy locally will help sustain the infrastructure and lower costs.

Enjoy Savings

Keeping the energy local will prolong the life of the local grid and reduce costs for customers.  Matching solar panels to electric car owners become mini energy distribution points.
In the Netherlands, it is estimated that there will be over 1 million electric vehicles on the roadways by 2025 which will consume as much electricity as 1.5 million households.

The App

  • Find cheapest area rates
  • Find local charging hosts
  • Monitor charing status
  • Schedule charge times
The Dutch electrical grid alone has over 300,000 kilometers of cables which under enormous stress as it’s deals with more sources and fluctuations of energy supply. Utility companies currently lack the tools necessary to cope with unpredictable rates of energy consumption.